With around 400 students and about 50 colleagues in academia and services, Karlshochschule International University in Karlsruhe is an innovative, non-profit foundation university with a culturally oriented approach towards critical management and societal studies at the bachelor’s and master’s degree level. Valuing equality, we strive to overcome all forms of discrimination and racism while being committed to the values of interculturality, inclusion, feminism, diversity, justice, and sustainability.

In our study programs, we provide responsible education to future change-makers. Our didactic approach is based on a constructivist philosophy of teaching, including interactive forms like case studies, group work, role plays, simulations, or project work. In this sense, experiential and experimental didactics, team teaching with colleagues and individual mentoring of students are our passion. We place special emphasis on the personal development of our students offering service learning and fostering civic engagement.

To support our teaching team, we are looking for:

Lecturers (d/f/m) in the field of pluralist and heterodox economics

…on a freelance basis for regular assignment in the winter semester (October to January).

The ‘Introduction to Behavioral Economics’ module, covering 42 contact hours and conducted in two intensive block seminars, is a cornerstone of the English-speaking Master’s program in ‘Social TransFormation – Politics, Philosophy & Economics’. This module is integrated in the first semester dealing with the micro level of the Economics’ focus, providing students with a foundation for a critical understanding of behavioral dimensions of decision-making within complex economies and societies.

Students will discover the psychology of human behavior and decision-making, identify, and understand core concepts of behavioral economics as well as critically reflect on the ethical and practical implications and limitations of the impact of behavioral economics for mainstream economics. Through interactive discussions and case-based learning, students will develop essential analytical abilities to understand and address real-world economic challenges from a behavioral perspective. Emphasis will be placed on applying knowledge in behavioral economics for the purpose of management and leadership.

The module ‘Integral Pluralist, Global Economics’ is the final key component of the Economics’ focus and is thus integrated into the curriculum of the third semester. It offers students an advanced exploration of how pluralist approaches in economics matter on the global scale in a holistic way.

Students will be able to understand and evaluate heterodox critiques of mainstream economic theory and practice and will reflect critically to what extent alternative approaches face challenges, obstacles, and limitations. Through interdisciplinary discussions and case studies, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the complex interactions between economic, social, and environmental factors on a global level. The course will empower students to present theories that facilitate the analysis of international and global economic institutions and policies using the various pluralist theoretical approaches.


  • Willingness to design and teach a new course that incorporates critical and interactive approaches to teaching
  • Didactic aptitude and experience with student-centered teaching (e.g., experiential or play-based learning)
  • Master’s Degree or Ph.D. in the field of Economics or adjacent disciplines, practical and/or theoretical expertise in the mentioned key course disciplines
  • Sensitivity towards all forms of racism and discrimination

The university is a reliable partner and as such interested in long-term cooperation. As an employer, Karlshochschule International University promotes equal opportunities. We value diversity and welcome all applications.

If you are interested, please contact our Academic Coordinator Mr. Benjamin Staudt either directly by phone on 0721/48095-328 or by e-mail to

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